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Can I attach Jalaka Dual on any surface? 

We have tested mounting Jalaka on many surfaces and it is on its best when attached to flat, clean surface. Silicone, nanocoated or very bumpy surfaces are not the best for Jalaka. Slightly curved phones like LG G3 is ok for Jalaka Dual.

How to clean my device before mounting Jalaka Dual?

Just clean the rear surface of the device by wiping it carefully with clean cloth, no need to use any detergents. Just make sure there is no grease on desired surface.

Does the balljoint get loose?

It is designed not to. But if it does, you can always tighten it from the screws on each side. Do not make it over tight though.

Do you ship goods to my country?

At the moment we deliver our products in Europe area. We have also partner in USA and United Arab emirates where you can also buy our products. Check the retailer page for more. 

Does Jalaka Dual also work as car mount in my car?

We are using it always as a car stand, hanging it from one leg from air vent, but we can’t guarantee that it works with every single car - it depends about the air vent. We are still quite sure that you will be able to find a secure place somewhere in your car. That’s the beauty of Jalaka Dual, it’s very versatile.

What is your return policy?

In a peanut 14 days. Check more from here.

What payment methods do you accept?

You can pay with Paypal and we accept Visa, Master card and american express credit and debit cards in our online store. Finnish online bank payments are also available (Nordea, Osuuspankki, DanskeBank, Aktia, Handelsbanken, POP Pankki, Säästöpankit, S-pankki ja Ålandbanken)

Where are you located and do you have shop I can visit?

We are based in Lahti, Finland. We do not have our own store to visit, but from retailer page you can check all the locations where Jalaka is for sale.

Can I change or cancel my order?

We process all our orders very fast and automatically so if you want cancel your order, please contact us within 30 minutes after your have placed the order.

Changing the items from purchased order is not unfortunately possible. Order has to be cancelled and you have to place new order.

How can I track my order?

You can check if your order has been shipped from here.

Where does the name 'Jalaka' come from? 

Jalaka name is a Finnish dialect meaning the 'leg'.