Handcrafted with passion

Real materials. Real quality.

Made in Lahti, Finland.

Mobile multitool

More useful than in first sight.

Jalaka Solo is the multitool of modern age.

Support in both directions

Jalaka works as stable stand in all situations.

Jalaka Car mount

Worlds smallest car mount

Get better grip

Handle your phone better in every situation. 

Change placement

Get new features by changing the placement of Jalaka.  

Jalaka Solo Gecko version works on glass phones and can be repositioned any time.

Works with phones and tablets

Jalaka products are universal and works in most phones and tablets

Sustainable design

Environment and nature are important for us. We only use materials that are durable and long lasting.

Local manufacturing

We produce Jalaka Solo in our own workshop at @ LAHTI.


We are supporting our local - All of the components are coming from Finland and most of them straight outta Lahti.


We are using only FSC®-certified wood in our products.

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