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Jalaka 360° rotating telescopic legs gives you freedom where only your imagination is the limit. Take these examples for a start - the rest is up to you.


Take the grip

With Jalaka you can have better grip from your phone. Never drop it again. Every corner of your phone screen is available easily by one hand.


Enjoy the videos

Make it cosy. Why to hold the phone on the palm of your hand or laying it flat on the table? Set your phone just the way you need to.


Video call to your friend

Best thing after meeting your friend IRL is to have a video call. Letting your hands be free you can give more from yourself. Over 50% of our communication is gestures...


Find your way 

With Jalaka you can use your phone as car navigator without any additional parts. Just let it hang from the air vent with the support of the leg. Hell yea!


Check the video for more