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Jalaka is universal! Install on case or straight on phone, no problem.
Choose from two tape options to cover best adhesion for you device.

1. Permanent; Geltape for metal and plastic surfaces.

Tape is permanent but it can be relocated 1-2 times, for example if you want to replace your phone.

2. Repositionable; Gecko tape for glass surfaces

With gecko tape you get new features out from Jalaka Solo! Jalaka is easy to install and detach unlimited times.

Note: Gecko tape is available only for Jalaka Solo.



Surfaces not recommend for attaching Jalaka:

Silicone covers are nope. It's like butter, no sticker won't stay on it. These covers can be identified by stretching them. If it stretchs easily, then it is silicone. TPU and TPE covers are ok for Jalaka. Learn more about the plastic differences.

Leather cases are on gray zone. Real leather is greasy and not good for any tape to attach. Some leather cases may work if cleaned properly before installing Jalaka, but we cannot guarantee proper adhesion. Use it on your own resposibility.


Install instructions (same idea for both Solo and Dual):

Clean! Clean! Clean!
Best advice for good adhesion.


Detaching Jalaka DUAL and replacing tape for new use:

Well how much stress can the adhesive handle? We can say that enough. Watch this stress test: