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Case? No case? You decide!

Jalaka is universal!

It can be attached for almost all types of phones and cases. Metal and plastic surfaces are definately no problem.

Jalaka attachs aluminum surfaceJalaka attachs plastic surface


Glass surfaces

Glass is OK with our Gecko-tape.

Certain glass surfaces has an oleophobic surface treatment that decreases fingerprints but also prevents normal tapes to stick on.

For using Jalaka Solo straight on glass surface you will need to buy Gecko tape (available only for Solo).


Bumpy surfaces

Surface can also be quite bumpy and the adhesive will hold! Check this phone straight out from one of our customers pocket. The use is rough and tough and we're still in the game.


Install instructions (same idea for both Solo and Dual):

Just clean the rear surface of your device and attach Jalaka on it with pre-installed two sided adhesive tape. Could't be easier.

You can carefully detach and relocate Jalaka few times with normal tape. New tapes are available from our web shop so you can continue using the product, even if you change your mobile device.

Gecko tape model for Solo can be relocated unlimited times on glass surfaces.

Surfaces that we do not recommend for attaching Jalaka on:

Silicone covers are nope. It's like butter, no sticker won't stay on it. These covers can be tidentified by stretching them. If it stretch easily, then it is silicone and not good for Jalaka. If it doesn't, then it's ok. TPU and TPE covers are ok for Jalaka. Learn more about the plastic differences.

Leather cases are on gray zone. Real leather is greasy and not good for any tape to attach. Some leather cases can be used if they are very well cleaned before use, but we cannot guarantee proper adhesion. Use it on your own resposibility.



Detaching Jalaka and replacing tape for new use:

Well how much stress can the adhesive handle? We can say that enough. Watch this stress test: