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Yes, this is “Jargon”, but unfortunately very needed text nowadays. We want to act customer friendly and therefore we have tried to make this process as easy and clear as possible.

Warranty period:

Warranty period is designated to be 5 years for Jalaka Solo, 2 years for Jalaka Dual.

Who is covered:

Any person with original Jalaka product (the “Product”, produced by Valimo Industrial Design Oy aka Jalaka) and original or copy of the sales receipt is covered by our warranty service.


What is covered:

Valimo Industrial Design Oy aka Jalaka (FI26595989) warrants that any original Jalaka Product will be free of defects in worksmanship and material under normal use of the Products warranty period.


What is not covered:

Defects caused to a Product by normal tear and wear; damage caused by accident, abuse, mishandling, misuse or lack of care; damage caused by use of the Product other than its intended purpose; damage to a Product that has been modified in any way; damage caused by improper or unauthorized repair or maintenance; damage to any product other than the Product, including without limitation damage to any device used in connection with the Product; In no event shall Valimo Industrial Design Oy nor its employees or any authorized Jalaka dealer be liable for any personal injury or any incidental damage caused by use of the Product.

Not happy with our product? It's a shame, but thank you for trying :)

>> How to proceed:


We have 30 day money back guarantee that allows you to send your Product to us within 30 days of purchase and get you money back in case you are not happy with the Product.

Your name, e-mail address and phone number are needed for matching customer data in case of refund. We only refund items that are bought directly from Jalaka Online store. Possible shipping costs are not refundable.

If you have bought Product from authorized dealer and want to have refund, please contact there. Valimo Industrial Design Oy aka Jalaka is not responsible of dealers refund policy.

Replace or repair:

In case of broken Product that shall be replaced or repaired by us we need e-mail address, physical address and phone number.


Send information that is applied your case with the Product and the purchase receipt via traceable method directly to us:

Jalaka, Askonkatu 13 E. 15100 Lahti, FINLAND

You can also visit our address, you are welcome :)

If Jalaka determines that Product sent is refundable or replaceable/repairable under terms of limited warranty we shall contact you and continue the process as required.

Customer will pay shipping costs for the returning Product to Valimo Industrial Design Oy aka Jalaka. Customer is also resposible for possible custom fees, taxes and duties outside of EU. Valimo Industrial Design Oy aka Jalaka will pay shipping costs for returning shipment of the replacement or repaired product.



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